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Web Development Solutions

The competition in today’s business world is fierce. You have to keep up with modern web trends and ever-changing customers’ needs, which is impossible without a solid web presence. But when it comes to web design and development, there’s only one question, the answer to which really matters — does your website get the job done? Because if you aren’t getting conversions from your traffic or hardly have any traffic, your site needs a makeover.

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I am here to help you update, redesign, or build your website from scratch. Attract more qualified prospects with sleek and intuitive pages using our professional web development services. I offer professional design and web app development services for various industries. I serve businesses of every size by creating a wide range of solutions, from web design to mobile app development.

Web Application Development

App development requires more time than website development because web apps have much more complex functionality. Depending on your industry, they may include various features, such as filtering, searching, calculating, etc. Elie has years of experience in providing such services. Web development, custom web development services — no matter how complex your request is, Elie can handle it. Let us know what I can do for you!


In order to manage the connection between another business tool and your website or web applications, you might need web integration. You can significantly optimize the workflow of your team with just one simple change — a CRM or database integration. I am more than happy to make it happen for you. My custom web development services offer third-party integrations. I will come up with the most practical solution for your company.


What are the key benefits of working with me?

  1. 1An agile approach to design and development of websites
  2. 2Reliable cutting-edge technologies
  3. 3High quality at affordable costs
  4. 4Rigorous quality assurance and testing
  5. 5User-friendly web solutions and sites
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  1. 6A talent pool of expert designers and developers
  2. 7Proven track record of successful projects
  3. 8Ongoing support and consulting


I provide web development services based on the latest JavaScript frameworks and modern back-end technologies.


My Web Development Lifecycle

I work hard to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly web apps for our clients. I follow an established process, which allows me to be maximally effective with every project.

I create modern web solutions tailored specifically to your business, so my custom web development services start with learning as much as I possibly can about your industry, your company, and your target audience. The closer I cooperate with your team, the better. Once I know everything about your goals and priorities, I come up with the best strategy for you and move on to planning.

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At the planning stage, I analyze what you already have and based on the earlier findings, suggest a few variants of site architecture and spell out all the nitty-gritty tech details. I will cooperate with you to recreate the look and feel your company is going for with this particular site.

Next, I create an interactive prototype for you. I am making sure that you are satisfied with what you see. Your feedback at this stage is not just important, it’s absolutely necessary! I always encourage constructive criticism. I really want you to succeed.

My web development solutions are versatile and mobile-friendly. Your page should load for two seconds or less; otherwise, the user will move on to the next one, which is probably your competitor. I don’t want that to happen. I utilize a “mobile-first” approach to make sure you won’t lose a single prospect.

The product undergoes multiple rounds of testing across all environments. This is a critical stage of the web application development process. I refine your web applications until they look flawless, and when we launch!

You don’t know what you don’t measure, right? I do a great job every time, but I can’t really say how successful your project is until I see it perform. That is why I monitor the results over time. Measurement is the final stage of the web development lifecycle, but you should never skip it. This is your chance to detect weaknesses and make your website even more powerful.


Interested in working with me?

Hire a professional web developer today!

Let’s skyrocket your business together! I have years of experience working in various industries. I utilize the latest technology to deliver high-quality solutions to my clients. A combination of innovative tech and professional expertise enables me to deliver state-of-art products to my clients that drive ROI and boost brand image.

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Working with me is simple. Just reach out to me in any convenient way and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the needs of your company. Looking for help with something else? Check out the related services.


SEO & Research

Effective product research and development is a prerequisite of innovation and success.


DevOps services to facilitate your business operations. Choose smooth development with me.


I am ready to offer the most optimal solutions in order for you to achieve your business goals